How to prepare for FY 23-24 TDS compliance

Mon, 10th April '23 | 4 - 5 pm

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Theme:- How to prepare for FY 23-24 TDS compliance


TDS collections account for more than 60 % of the gross direct taxes collection for the year. India has an extensive withholding tax regime in the income tax law. 
A wide range of transactions are subjected to TDS, wherein businesses must deduct tax on certain categories of payments and deposit it in the government account. This entails monthly compliances, which place a significant burden on businesses in India. This burden is increased by the need to correct errors, respond to tax notices, update software, deal with data loss, and generation and distribution of form 16s.The Government came up with changes in the Finance Act, 2023 in some sections like Section 194BA, Section 192A , Section 193 etc.

This webinar is a deep-dive on TDS filings, including best practices for TDS compliances, the challenges involved and how integrated SaaS-based solutions can simplify TDS filings.

Points to be covered :

  •  What is TDS?
  •  Compliances required for TDS
  •  206AA/206AB
  •  Lower deduction Certificate
  •  Section limits for TDS deduction
  •  Reversal of TDS for bills whose TDS was deducted on year-end provision of expenses.
  •  How can Clear help?